Top 5 Gadgets Any Student Should Have

July 29, 2009 at 5:20 pm Leave a comment

Today’s students need all the tools available to make it in school. Gone are the days when all we needed was a good calculator to get us through college. Listed below are the top 5 gadgets every student must have to have that added advantage in school.

5. Flash Drive

Remember the 3.5 inch floppy disk that stored 1.4 MB of information? If you are still using that then good luck in your chosen course. What you need right now is a USB flash drive. These flash drives usually cost between Php500 – Php2000 depending on the capacity. Students might want to get one with a 4gig capacity. The more storage space to save your mp3’s, software, movies and documents.

Brands to consider: Toshiba, Kingston, Sony, Imation

4. Portable MP3 player

Want to relax? Just take out your mp3 and listen to your preferred genre of music. This would also double up as a storage space just in case your flash drive is full. Price range would depend on whether you want to buy the China clones or the branded ones. China clones sell for around Php500 – Php2000 while the branded ones start at Php1000.

Brands to consider: Creative, Samsung, Sony, Apple

3. Laptop

In college you would expect to make lots of reports and presentations. A laptop would help you out with these. It can also be used to view all the latest scandals that you have downloaded over the Internet.

Brands to consider: Asus, Acer, Hp, MSI, Neo, Dell

2. Alarm Clock

You can’t get to school on time without this waking you.

And the number one gadget a student should have today is a MOBILE PHONE. Who can live without this nowadays? Students use this to plan their meetings, group study sessions and of course the weekend parties.


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