G.ho.st Operating System

August 3, 2009 at 6:55 am 1 comment

g.ho.stA new concept in operating systems has arrived which is based on cloud computing. G.ho.st, which means Global Hosted Operating System, is a collaboration between Israel and Palestine teams and could possibly be the future in operating systems development.

How is it different?

Unlike your ordinary operating systems which are installed in your computer, G.ho.st has to be accessed using the Internet since it is installed in a centralized server.This is the basic principle of cloud computing.

How do I access it?

All you really need is a computer with Internet connection and a browser, simple as that.

What applications are available for me? Can I install my own applications?

Even though it is still in beta stage the applications available to you are fully functional.For office productivity you have the Zoho Writer ( Word-like), Zoho Sheets ( Excel-like) and Zoho Show ( PowerPoint-like). Instant messenging is handled by the default Yahoo messenger, MeeboIM or ILoveIM. There are also agood number of multimedia applications and widgets available for you. As of now, there is still no way of installing your own personal application.

Why should I try this?

It’s a new concept which could be the future on how computers operate in the coming years. Getting the G.ho.st OS is actually free by just creating an account at http://g.ho.st/. Once you have created your account you would have 15 GB of online storage. What makes G.ho.st great is that you can access it using any Internet capable computer. this means that your desktop would stay the same wherever you access it.


So far I am impressed by this new concept. I’m still exploring the many functions of G.ho.st and will try to use different computers in accessing my account. If I get a hold of a Pentium 2 class computer I’m going to check if G.ho.st runs well on it to see if  the processing power of a computer would matter .The only downside I can see so far is if the Internet connection disconnects then there would be no way for you to access your data.


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  • 1. Harold  |  August 4, 2009 at 6:42 am

    this is good, really good. thanks for sharing the info.
    But, in your opinion, which is better, the vista or this?
    Considering that this OS is still in its beta stage..


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