Worlds First 64GB SDXC

SDXC_1Toshiba just recently announced that it has developed the first 64gb SDXC ( Secure Digital Extended Capacity) memory card. The first samples for testing wil be provided this November and commercial release will be in spring of 2010. Judging from the picture it would have a read speed of 60MB/s and a write speed of 35MB/s.

People who have gadgets using SD memory cards would love this huge storage available to them when released. You could store hundreds of movies, music and pictures in this small device.

SDXC cards have a maximum capacity of 2TB with maximum transfer rates of 104MB/s. The previous SD format, SDHC had a maximum capacity of 2TB as well but was limited to 32 GB by the SD 2.0 document.


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N64 Emulation on Ubuntu 9.04

If you guys heve been following my previous post, I was able to run Nintendo 64 games on my XP machine. Since I spend most of my time using Ubuntu I decided to check out the best N64 emulation software available for this operating system. Before we begin let me just share the specifications of my rig:

Processor: Intel Atom 1.6Ghz

O.S.: Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04

Memory: 2 Gig DDRAM

Graphics: 64 Mb Intel GMA 950

I searched the Internet for a Linux counterpart of Project64, heck I even searched for Project64 for Linux. No such luck on this, the only way I could get Project64 to run on my Ubuntu is if I use WINE. Another program kept popping up under N64 emulation and this is Mupen64. Its an N64 emulator that’s getting good reviews among its users. After downloading the program and installing it, which was pretty easy, I tried running a couple of my N64 roms.

Although it could access the N64 ROMs without any problem, the gameplay was a bit shaky. The framerate constantly dropped to 7fps from a high of 35 fps. After constant tweaking and testing the games still ran pretty slow.Since Mupen64 is still in development stage it might not run well in netbooks. Other users of this emulator didn’t have a problem running this in their computers. Anyway, next time I’m going to test this on my desktop

Screenshot of Mupen64 Emulator running Mario Kart64


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Tribute To A Great Woman

In Memory of Maria Corazon “Cory” Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009)

11th President of the Philippines

yellow ribbon

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EPLDT Ventus Dumaguete on Schedule

If all goes well then Ventus would soon outnumber Teletech employees in Dumaguete City. Initially, 500 agents will be hired by Ventus to fill up their Dumaguete City site. Those who had their final interviews last month and passed will be having their contract signings this week. a couple of people whom I know already signed their contracts and more are soon to follow.

Dumaguete City has become one of the places considered by top BPO companies because of numerous factors.  First is the workforce, with 4 major universities locaated in the city there are lots of students graduating every year who are more than capable of filling up  the call center needs. Second, Dumaguete City is not affected by severe traffic and floods that affect major cities like Manila.

This video of course is an exception

Finally, the backbone of the communications infrastructure is fiber optics which means faster and more data being sent and received. By the way did I also mention that Dumaguete City is a beautiful city?

The opening of the Dumaguete Ventus site would be on September, hopefully it’s going to be a blast.

August 4, 2009 at 9:06 am 49 comments Operating System

g.ho.stA new concept in operating systems has arrived which is based on cloud computing., which means Global Hosted Operating System, is a collaboration between Israel and Palestine teams and could possibly be the future in operating systems development.

How is it different?

Unlike your ordinary operating systems which are installed in your computer, has to be accessed using the Internet since it is installed in a centralized server.This is the basic principle of cloud computing.

How do I access it?

All you really need is a computer with Internet connection and a browser, simple as that.

What applications are available for me? Can I install my own applications?

Even though it is still in beta stage the applications available to you are fully functional.For office productivity you have the Zoho Writer ( Word-like), Zoho Sheets ( Excel-like) and Zoho Show ( PowerPoint-like). Instant messenging is handled by the default Yahoo messenger, MeeboIM or ILoveIM. There are also agood number of multimedia applications and widgets available for you. As of now, there is still no way of installing your own personal application.

Why should I try this?

It’s a new concept which could be the future on how computers operate in the coming years. Getting the OS is actually free by just creating an account at Once you have created your account you would have 15 GB of online storage. What makes great is that you can access it using any Internet capable computer. this means that your desktop would stay the same wherever you access it.


So far I am impressed by this new concept. I’m still exploring the many functions of and will try to use different computers in accessing my account. If I get a hold of a Pentium 2 class computer I’m going to check if runs well on it to see if  the processing power of a computer would matter .The only downside I can see so far is if the Internet connection disconnects then there would be no way for you to access your data.

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Windows 95 is Back

Windows 95 which was released in 1995 was the successor of Windows 3.1. a lot of improvements were made over the GUI in this operating system.  In 2001 Microsoft ended support of this operating system and classified it as obsolete.

You think that Windows 95 is an antique software and should be buried? Well guess again. Right now it is being run on Sony’s PSP and Apple’s iPhone.

Check out the videos below.

Windows 95 on PSP

Windows 95 on iPhone

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Windows 7 on a Netbook

The latest operating system coming from Microsoft which is Windows 7 would soon be available to us.  The planned release date will be on October 22,2009. Before the official version gets released we  tested the beta version of Windows 7,  which is available free for download at the Microsoft site,  on a netbook.

The netbook we used was an MSI Wind U100 with tha basic specifications.

Processor: Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz

Memory: 1 GHz

HDD:  160 GB 5600rpm

The whole installation process took around 30 minutes, pretty impressive. Boot time took just under a minute. Considering that this isn’t the final version yet it really does run well on a netbook. Navigating through different settings of Windows 7 was easy and when we installed a couple of our favorite programs from our XP system they worked perfectly as well.

More detailed review once the final version is released.

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